Case Studies

Win new business

A London-based media Company won a new client in New York City by using ishipdocs to deliver their proposal to a prestigious art gallery within 24 hours after learning about the opportunity. The client mentioned using traditional overnight shippers now seems old fashioned.

ishipdocs reduced this company's carbon output by over 996 pounds.

Time critical delivery

An international oil and gas company in Houston had a 36 hour deadline to get trade show banners half way around the world. They contacted an ishipdocs service provider in Houston and digitally transmitted the banner files to an ishipdocs service provider in Australia. Within hours the banners were printed and delivered to the event.

By using ishipdocs, they spared sending 3,351 pounds of CO2 into the environment.

Increase efficiency

An architect in Seattle needed to send designs, addendums and changes to a general contractor in Dubai. And needed to do it quickly. Using ishipdocs, the construction team was able to meet tight deadlines by eliminating customs delays for internationally shipped plan packages. Instead of waiting 4 or 5 days for these documents, they got them in hours.

They minimized their carbon footprint by 2,889 pounds.

Decreasing shipping cost

A technology company in Cupertino needs to efficiently send store signage around the world. And send lots of it. Using ishipdocs, this customer decreased shipping costs by 25%.

Reduced carbon footprint by eliminating traditional shipping and air transport for signage.

Digital document shipping is never grounded

An event organizing company based in London successfully used ishipdocs to send trade show color posters to Netherlands, USA and Singapore while all conventional shippers like FedEx and UPS were grounded due to the Icelandic volcanic eruption.